Why Easyshare?

Our application has complex offer for city communities. Today you can take car sharing – the less expensive option for business rides, you can rent the apartment and rent the office desk or the conference room.


Car rentals per minutes and per days

Station-based rental

Car rental for days and for longer periods

Apartment rental

Easy and quick rental of an apartment or a hotel via the app

Co-working and conference rooms

Conference room and office desk for hours or for days

Pay with your card, the invoice for your company once a month

• An employee downloads the app and register the corporate debit/credit card.

• An employee provides the Tax Identification Number (NIP) in the app my accountinvoice.

• An employee automatically receives the invoice after each drive or can sign up for the option to receive one invoice for all rides once a month my accountinvoices joint invoice.

Sign no cash agreement, benefit from additional services

• Would you like to open the account for your employees, which then can use our carsharing with no problems and other services offered by our application?

• You just sign the agreement for no cash clearing and all of your employees can use carsharing and other services which are then paid based on one invoice once a month.

Additionally you gain on-line access to the administrator panel– the tool based on which you can administer and manage the accounts of your employees.

Service & maintenance, insurance, fuel – 0PLN

You just pay for time and kilometers driven

City parking fees – 0PLN

You do not pay additionally for parking.

Joint invoice once a month

There is no need for a single ride clearing with your corporation. You may receive one joint invoice and register of all your business rides once a month.

Cost control

In the administrator panel you monitor all your spending in real time.

50-80% less expensive than a taxi

Taking our carsharing may be less expensive even by 80% compared to a taxi.

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