Toyota Yaris per day!

Price: PLN 90 + fuel charge

The fee for the FULL 24 hours of Toyota Yaris rental is PLN 90 + the cost of the fuel used

🔹Book the nearest car 🚙 and choose the ``ON DAYS`` option,
🔹You can pay for the rental with funds from the money box or with the payment card attached to the account,
🔹 You open and close the car only by using the telephone,
🔹If you run out of fuel during your rental, use our fuel card and refuel at Orlen stations (PB95),
🔹You do not have to specify the number of rental days, because the system will extend the booking itself every 24 hours,
🔹You do not have to refuel the vehicle after the rental is completed - the system will measure and calculate the fuel itself with an accuracy of 1%