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Please prepare a driver’s license and a credit/debit card.

Book a car

In the app you find more than 200 vehicles ready to be taken.

Let’s go

You unlock and lock the car via the app in your phone. Take your seat, set up your car mirrors and let’s go!

Would you need a car for couple of days or longer?

It’s easy 🙂
When booking on the Easyshare app, you can choose from a variety of rental options: “for days”, “for weeks” and “for months”.
All you need to do is choose, for example, the “for days” option and pay for your rental PLN 90 per night plus the fee for the fuel you used during the rental.
If you run out of fuel during your rental, use our fuel card in the glove compartment.
After the rental is complete, you just lock the car and finish the rental.


Are you looking for accommodation? In Easyshare app you can easy book an apartment.

You can book the apartment with the best price, quickly and easy via Easyhare app as the process is fully automated. You no more need a key, you do not need a direct contact with the owner to proceed the rental, you do not need to state what time you are coming or exchange emails concerning the invoice for the stay.

Now you pick up the apartment and term of your arrival and the app will lead you to the right address. The app will allow you to open the door, the system will proceed the payment and the invoice will automatically be sent to your email.

Easy? Easyshare


Are you looking for space to work?

You do not need to search Internet, send emails or make transfers manually.

You are indeed an Easyshare member and everything is Easy.

You do not need to have your own office space in each larger city as you can easy book the conference room or co-working space via Easyshare app. It will lead you to the office location, then you open the door via the app, you pay by the app and you automatically get your invoice on your email.


Estimate how much you pay and use our navigation.


In our app you can find the option WHERE. When you indicate your destination you receive the estimate cost of the ride. The estimate takes into account current situation on the road, e.g. traffic.

You can use our NAVIGATION – which will direct you to address you would like to reach.

You can check everything before taking the rental.